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Found 267 comics.

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Type Img. Title Issue Year Publisher Cond. Comments Price(US$) Seller
comic ****spawn ( 2 variant cover of #150)***** M for sale are 2 variant covers of spawn issue 150!! they are in special collectors jewel cases and have been for their entire lives! they are both in PERFECT condition! best offer spawnfo
comic A n g e l a (variant) Spawn Toy Series 2 Mcfarlane toys NM Spawn Toy Series 2. Mcfarlane toys Worth about $35.00 Send payments to Angel 505 E 120th street #5c New York NY 10035. S&h $4.95 Item NM/M in original package unless noted otherwise. Save on shipping combine orders. Email [email protected] Posted Sept. 30 2009 $20.50 highflyingangel
comic Angela: First app spawn 9 died in 100 1 top cow M 30% to 70% off guide. M/NM comicbook. Will give gifts to orders of $50.00 or more.I would like to sell in groups of 10 or more. All comics are in NM(9.0) or better conditon. Send want lists. I have 10,000 comics I will trade or sell anything. Send payments to Angel 505 E 120th street #5c New York NY 10035. S&h $2.95 for fist 10 comics. All comics in NM/M unless noted otherwise. Save on shipping combine orders. Email [email protected] Posted Mar 25 2009 $6.50 highflyingangel
comic Batman & Spawn: War Devil 1 1994 DC M best offer warh0und
comic Batman Spawn War Devil 1994 DC M Mint condition. Bagged and boarded. We have over 1k plus comics all well cared for . If you want something in particular please email me title and price you want it for. I accept paypal and also money orders. please put comics in the subject line. $6.00 lydexpress
comic Batman Spawn War Devil 1994 DC FN $5.00 rouge2k11
comic Batman Spawn War Devil NM Best offer plus shipment from Manila,Philippines best offer awijangco
comic Batman-Spawn:War Devil 1 1994 DC Comics VF best offer oneforce
comic Curse of Spawn 1 1996 Image NM best offer rafers71
comic Curse of Spawn 2 1996 Image NM best offer rafers71
set Curse of the Spawn Image Curse of the Spawn #'s 1-12 all in NM-M condition! Send me an offer & we'll talk! best offer babshartley
set Curse of the Spawn IMAGE Set includes 11, 13, 14, 15, 16. They are in very good condition, the only mars are on 13 and 14 where some spots of ink on the front cover look worn. best offer wtn4hzretrn
comic curse of the spawn 1994 image M set: 23-29 best offer lisacomics
comic Curse of the Spawn 1 1996 Image VF The very first issue of the Curse of the Spawn. Please email me if you want to see the picture of this comic.The quality of this comic is fantastic. best offer luthor
comic CURSE OF THE SPAWN 1 IMAGE NM best offer brando
comic curse of the spawn 2 1997 marvel M l own curse of the spawn 6and 7 in mint condition like new. best offer freddyready
comic Curse of the Spawn 9 1997 Image M Featuring Angela best offer warh0und
comic Curse of The Spawn 1 1 1996 Image Comics NM best offer oneforce
comic Hell spawn 3 VG $2.50 lley89
comic MEDIEVAL SPAWN WITCHBLADE 2 1996 IMAGE M best offer kwb1978
comic medieval spawn witchblade 3 image VF best offer kwb1978
set Medieval Spawn Witchblade 1-3 Best offer plus shipment from Manila,Philippines best offer awijangco
set Spawn Image Issues 1-48 (except 38 and 47). I will even sell individual numbers as well. Just give me an email about which one you want. ; ) $90.00 e1treacy
set Spawn 1,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,17 best offer usababylon
set Spawn Image 24 SPAWN COMICS!!! The set includes #s 10, 12, 14, 29, 39, 40, 41, 46, 47, 48, 49, 60, 62, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 74, 75, 76, 84. All in mint or NM condition. 1993-1999! The photo does not include all because you couldn't see the images. best offer wtn4hzretrn
set Spawn Image I have two sets of #1-9 and then I have #13-18. best offer coffeeisgood
set Spawn Image 1-64 all. NM cond. Bagged/boarded. $200.00 oneday
set Spawn Image Issues 1-86, all bagged and boarded best offer krepso
comic Spawn 1992 Image VF Spawn #2, 7, 9, 10, 11 & 17 (LOT) VF/NM. Comes w/ Board & Bag. $3.50 shipping cost. Have other comics for sale. Email for complete list of about 86 books. Will combine shipping for up to 5 comics. I accept money orders, cashiers checks & paypal. $10.00 jrsnakes
set spawn image spawn #1-10. $20.00 matthew
comic Spawn Image Comics M I have the following issues of Spawn for sale: 14, 31, 33, 34, 40, 43-51, 58, 62-65, 73, 74, 79, 82-88. They are in excellent condition and I have more pictures of them to be made available upon request. $32.00 rob159
set Spawn Image Spawn - 1, 4, 6 thru 18, 20, 22. All bagged and boarded, mint/near mint condition. best offer mikemahady
set Spawn Each comic priced at 1.00-Contact me to get link to my store where all comics are $1. best offer sandlot
set Spawn Image Issues 1-115, Curse of Spawn 1-23, Spawn Bible, Angela 1-3, Blood Feud 1-4, Spawn the Impaler 1-3, Operation Knightstrike 1, Spawn/Batman, Batman/Spawn. Every issue in NM like new condition. best offer scarpenter
comic Spawn Image VF 17 comics-values checked on internet-very fine to near mint-u pay shipping. $85.50 bettyann
comic Spawn image VF 7 issues-very fine to mint-value checked out-u pay shipping $24.00 bettyann
set Spawn Image Issue 1 to 169. best offer bhuddabutt
set Spawn Image Up for sale is a Spawn collection that consist of #185B, 189, 190, 193B, 201-220. All book are in NM condition 9 out 10, books are bagged and board. Shipping is free. If you wanna see pics of books just shoot me a message and I will get those to you. I will take best offers too. best offer lilant24
set Spawn Have over 6 boxes worth of comics most never read.All in mint to near mint condition and still in plastic. best offer formers2k
comic spawn 1 M best offer muleface122
comic Spawn 1 ImAGE M best offer hochstein1
comic spawn 1 92 image NM best offer smptke932
comic Spawn 1 VF best offer usababylon
comic SPAWN 1 IMAG M I HAVE ISSUES 1-14,16,20 ONLY LOOKED AT ONCE. best offer joeynv86
comic spawn 1 1992 image M I have 1-100;and 128-145. best offer lisacomics
comic spawn 1 M best offer cwh51990
comic Spawn 1 1992 Image comics M $5.00 chasitygale
comic Spawn 1 M issues 1-125, Spawn & Batman, Batman & Spawn, Spawn Bible, Curse of Spawn (iss. 1), Deadly Duo (iss. 1), Blood Feud (iss. 1-4) all in acetate, w. acid free boards. best offer benpreddy
comic Spawn 1 M best offer kombatballs
comic Spawn 1 Image NM best offer powerbroker

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